Updates:Saskatchewan issued an invitation to candidates to submit their applications for Provincial Nomination. Number of Invitations are 421


  • Q1.What is the general process after signing the service agreement with Tri Coast Immigration

    A service agreement between both sides starts with the process of visa application/immigration/study programs/sponsorship including email correspondence, preparation of required documents.

  • Q2.What are the fees and payment methods?

    Governmental fee:  varies depending on the immigration program starting from approximately 950 CA$ for adults, and 150 CA$ for kids under 22 years per person. Service fee: It depends on the program, your background, number of family members, and applicant’s current circumstances. Payment methods: Interac E-transfer, Cheque or direct deposit to the company’s bank account.

  • Q3.What is the total fee for a family with 2 kids (under22 years) for Federal Skilled Worker program under Express Entry stream?

    An approximate Governmental fee is $2400 CAD

  • Q4.What is the maximum (latest) age for the successful application?

    This issue probably comes first between the inquiries about Canada immigration questions. It depends on the program and marital status. For a single person with desirable IELTS results, the maximum age is 37 For a married person, it depends on her/his spouse’s level of education and knowledge of English/French language.

  • Q5.What is the minimum IELTS breakdown required?

    Minimum IELTS (Academic) overall score 6 with a breakdown of Listening: 6, Writing: 6, Reading: 6 & Speaking: 6 Minimum IELTS (General) overall score 7 with a breakdown of Listening: 6, Writing: 6, Reading: 6 & Speaking: 6

  • Q6.Can every citizen apply for Canadian Immigration Programs?

    Yes! Every person with a valid passport can apply.

  • Q7.Do you provide legal help to refugees?

    Yes, our consultants have legal rights to help refugees.

  • Q8.If my IELTS General result is ready, what is the approximate time to get Permanent Resident Card to move to Canada?

    Depending on the program, it might take as short as 9 months for Federal Skilled Worker (Express Entry).

  • Q9.Does having a close relative in Canada give more chance to obtain PR?

    Yes, it gives additional points.

  • Q10.How important is having a work experience?

    Minimum of 1-year work experience is a requirement.